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Technical Service and Application Development

RESINEX has a team of well-trained technical engineers. They follow every market and individual supplier development. They are regularly trained and work closely together with the supplier.

Demand for technical support and application development (TS & AD) from our customers is continually increasing. This is due to the fact that the requirements of finished products are getting higher and also the fact that some companies under cost pressure are relying on the quality know-how and experience of the RESINEX TS & AD Team.

Our suppliers also appreciate the know-how and experience of the RESINEX TS & AD team as our engineers are very deeply present in the market and have a wide overview of customers’ needs and problems. Therefore members of the team are additionally trained by the technical specialists of our suppliers.

In order to satisfy the future demands and challenges of the market, RESINEX restructured the European Technical Service & Application Development team for all of the technical specialists of Resinex.

The RESINEX European Technical Service & Application Development team (TS & AD team) is built up of very experienced and well trained engineers. The team consists of specialists for all major processing and tool technologies.

They dedicate their time and expertise to each single project. Thanks to the close contact with the development team of Resinex’s parent Ravago production plants, TS & AD is developing tailor made compounds for customer projects. The products involved are prime compounds as well as recycled quality compounds e.g. for the automotive or E&L industry.

Starting from grade selection dependant on customer demand (requirement specification, alternative grade) our technical service supports customers for their projects from product design up to mould design. Injection moulding simulation with several Autodesk® MOLDFLOW licenses, in different countries is a helpful tool for the benefit of the success of a project.

The TS & AD team is close to the market and is working cross-boarders in order to follow development, sampling and production until the project SOP and beyond. They actively help to optimise the processing conditions on site in order to improve e.g. the product quality or reduce the cycle time of the finished product.